The Renaissanc Garden Grows

~Plants in the Renaissance garden continue to establish themselves and are doing well. Champion of England peas are climbing high on their new trellis. St. Valery carrots, Early Blood beets, Helios radish, beans and other seedlings emerge from the soil and each day another plant approaches bloom. I’m adding extra organic nutrients to replenish some … Continue reading

“Debunking Portrayal, Who’s Garden is it? The Significance of “Pottage”, Reannisance Gardens of Commoners and Wealthy

9/17/12 -10/01/12: Debunking Portrayal:  The Significance of “Pottage”, Renaissance Gardens of Commoners and Wealthy, Exploring Cultural Factors and Differences I order to gain a more accurate picture, I have been researching the differences between the commonly found, Renaissance gardens of the wealthy and the somewhat lesser documented gardens of the common people. Although some information … Continue reading

Welcome to Common Threads!

“Common Threads” is a place for Medieval Garden research expansion and collaboration, as well as a weekly log of my personal work in collaboration with the UMass Renaissance center and UMass Sustainable Food and Farming program. For more details about the UMass Renissance Garden project  click Here Share this: