Hi there,

I am a recent graduate of the Francis Perkins Scholar’s program at MHC where I was an Environmental Studies Major, with a Nature, Culture, History concentration. My academic pursuits are interdisciplinary and include History, English,Cultural Anthropology, Botany/Agriculture,  Human Ecology and Environmental Philosophy. I write poetry and short story. I have a strong interest in the reenactment of past times and the study of ancient/historical gardens. I love to build and work in gardens and have long been interested in the Renaissance. I am a certified herbalist and enjoy creating gardens for food, as well as medicine.

I embarked on the Renaissance garden project because I believe it is important to learn from the past, as we need to use and adapt skills from the past into our ever-changing future on planet Earth. I believe that we need to grow food as close to home as possible and to learn more about how people of the late middle ages grew their own food in cottage/ kitchen gardens. What did they grow and how did they design/tend the land? How did the common folk sustain families, were they relatively healthy and what did there diets consisted of? I am also exploring what they cooked and crafted from the harvests of these gardens.

Thus, I have created this blog “Common Threads” as  place for research expansion and collaboration.

*In mid May 2013, with the help of wonderful plants grown by students of The Stockbridge School of Agriculture, project adviser John Gerber and the UMass Renaissance center, I began to layout the design I created and plant a Renaissance style Kitchen garden at the UMass Renaissance Center in Amherst Massachusetts. You can follow all of the projects progress at our website/blog: http://renaissancegarden.org/.

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